Sunday, March 7, 2010

Modge Podge Experiments

I have a Yahoo group related to the Bead Soup Blog Party I recently ran. The group is an informal, chatty little group that does smaller swaps and is just a fun place to relax and talk about beads. If you'd like to join, just go to
and be sure to give me your blog in the comments as it's a closed group to keep out spammers but open to jewelry designers. And don't worry - any of the Bead Soup Blog Parties will be announced on my Pretty Things blog, so you won't miss a thing as long as you're a follower there!

ANYWAY! Our latest project was to buy a large matchbox, decorate it, fill it with beads from our stash, and swap it with a bead partner. I've never worked with Modge Podge before, so after one woopsie and a new match box, I made this:

I put raised dots under the butterfly to give it some height, and then filled it up with goodies:

So there you go! One small step to a new medium I've never tried before!

More on the enameling "painting with fire" class I took later!

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  1. How pretty! I, too, used this as my first stab at "the Podge." And now I'm obsessed...I've done 3 boxes, and I have some smaller ones to do today for small gifts for some special folks :o)

  2. Real pretty! Now off to join your BeadSoupBlogParty on Yahoo!

    Have a great week,


  3. For your first time using Modge Podge, I'd say you did a great job! Love the box. The butterfly is so pretty!

  4. It's so pretty! I might have to join your crafty group!

  5. Hey Lori! I thought that I had signed up for that group but apparently I am not allowed :-( Can you invite me again?
    Enjoy the day!

  6. This is so pretty. You really are staying true to your vision of pursuing new forms of art during your year off. I must say though to my way of thinking you seem to be as busy as ever!

  7. Oh good, you did get the pictures! It is just as charming in person and I'm the lucky on with the box...and all the goddies inside!


  8. Lori, your box turned out to be so pretty! You're on a roll now, talk about a creative weekend you had - trying brand new mediums!

  9. This really looks fantastic! What a lovely swap... i'm sure you have some happy happy people. Very cool!


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