Monday, September 20, 2010

A Clarification

I wanted to make a clarification to this post.

When I said my time would be crunched -- I didn't mean my time with Zack.  Right now, I don't make any jewelry when he's home, unless it's jewelry we make together (and he does have an eye for color!).  My first job is being a mom.

What I meant was my time to make jewelry while my son was at school would be crunched.  And my point to that was making jewelry was what would make the money to pay for his schooling, and it was a Catch-22.  I didn't mean I was upset that MY time alone or my time for working was shortened.  Not at all.

I mean, look at this face.  Who wouldn't want to play endless games of UNO with him instead of making jewelry?


  1. I did not get that from your original post. I have an artist friend that does not practice their art when their children are around. As a result, her boy has no identity of her besides "Mom". While that is honorable, she is now suffering. My advice to her is to be an artist in front of him. And not to devote every waking moment of his at his service.

    You bead with your child, which is great! You should also show him that you work and create for a living. This can be a great learning opportunity for him. Money doesn't just appear in the bank, we need to work for it. Don't let him not see the effort.

    He is so cute! Have a great day and thanks for posting!


  2. Sending you good luck for tomorrow!

  3. Hey, I'm just catching up now. But that is a face that I would play endless games of UNO, shoots and ladders, mouse trap, whatever with! Mums have tough roles,no? Except how do you not spend time with our beautiful babies?

  4. Adorable little man!!! Best of luck trying to juggle your time and earn extra money!

  5. Hi Lori
    It sounds like you already know what you want/need to do for Zach. I will look forward to a post on how the interview was.

    My son is also quite advanced for his age and now in the 4th grade in the Anne Arundel county schools. We are lucky here because they have a great Talented & Gifted program, but I often struggle with whether or not he is getting all he needs intellectually at school. (I also scoff at the 15 minute requirement of reading LOL! if they only saw his bedside table!)

    Unfortunately I don't have any options except to keep him in public school, but what I try to do is keep his mind stimulated outside of school.

    Also - I think Ann made a great point earlier about making sure Zach sees you working for the money that gives him what he gets to have in life. That is also a tremendous education.

    Hope everything went well today - and I may try to stop by the festival at Quiet Waters this weekend! :)


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