Monday, January 4, 2010

Organizing the Day

In order to make the best of my days and not waste too much time, I've decided to organize my design time and other activities with a daily calendar.

As with everything in my office and studio, I had to find a pretty one. I settled on one from Papaya Art.

I think it's the perfect daily journal for a year of exploration, don't you?

Instead of just writing down "make jewelry", I drill down even further. "Make larimar jewelry", or "make earrings". Then I have a focus, and can get more done than if I just opened up my many drawers of beads and got lost in all the possibilities. Too often, I realize I've gotten distracted and have hardly made anything.

I'll also write down "appointments" for reading my art books, and once I get past my two craft shows, I'll schedule deadlines for trying new techniques. Once they're committed to paper, it's harder to ignore or forget about them

I hope this new way of organizing my time will work. I'm an avid list maker, but my lists tend to become huge and therefore completely overwhelming. By using a daily calendar that only allows a few lines, I think I'll be able to stick to it.

Let me know if you've been using this method, or plan to try this technique. Think it might work for you?

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  1. In general, yes...I've started using a calendar to help me manage myself. But, I've started using an online calendar and task management. It works a little better for me than paper. I have a Moleskine notebook that records my life/ideas as they happen.

    Also, I LOVE your organization system for your jewelry findings and beads! I would love to have something like that. I may have to ask you where you got it sometime if I move back to the US. It would be perfect!

  2. Great idea! And I love that little journal. I am a list maker as well. But not always a list-crosser-offer. I did buy myself a similarly styled pretty sketchbook with unlined pages. I popped it in my purse. I plan to take it out and sketch what I see. You never know where the next idea will pop up.
    Thanks for sharing your inspiration!
    Enjoy the day!

  3. I love your idea. I got a new appointment calendar just the other day and I'm excited to use it. I love making lists so I got one that has on page for the week and the other is a notebook style page for a list (just the right size so I won't go overboard with things to do for the week). I may have to try your idea of writing down "appointments" to read your art books. I can't wait to see how this goes for you! Happy new year!

  4. I've become to realize that I get side tracked far too often and I should start making a list each morning of what I would like/should accomplish in a day...but will I??? I don't know...:0)

    What a great cabinet you have for your supplies...I wish I could be that organized...but it doesn't seem to be in my nature! I clean up and organize but in a few days everything is all over the place again???


  5. Great ideas! I'm going to have to incorporate some of these myself.

  6. Yes! Last week I purchased a Monet's Garden desk Calendar/Journal in which I will write down goals to be achieved daily. I also purchased a Moleskine sketchbook to draw ideas as I have so many that go "poof" hours later and they are lost forever!

    I find I need structure even to accomplish pleasurable artistic endeavors, so this will be an interesting experiment and hopefully an ingrained habit.

  7. Lori, a journal makes sense to me. I usually use scraps of paper that I have by my computer. I recycle all of my paper that has a clean side to it. The only problem is that they tend to get lost. I always have a list with me when I torch. It helps me to stay focused.

  8. I love this idea. Very motivating. I'm eager to see how it plays out for you.


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