Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Production Day

Even though this is my year of exploring new techniques, there's not a thing wrong with doing what I've been doing. I make pretty jewelry (at least, I think so!) and I do have two shows coming up in February and March. My inventory is practically nil, so I have to work hard to get ready. The good thing is that once the show in March is done, my next one isn't until the end of September -- lots of time to experiment and play.

So today I spent some time making my normal style of jewelry, but I've found myself looking at it all with a new eye. As I make things, I see ways that I can change them down the road, and I'm drawing designs in my sketch book for later.

Not a bad day's work.

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  1. Lovely as always Lori!! Thanks for the eye candy! Oh and Happy New Year! :)

  2. Beautiful piece, and those lampwork beads are gorgeous!

  3. Congrats to you! As I get older and older I find so many people complaining but not realizing they can make a change. You are an inspiration to all - you made a change. Therefore, I too will make it my goal this year "to change the things I can"....Your pieces are beautiful, good luck in all you do!

  4. Lovely piece...but I do understand the need to create something uniquely you!!! I have that same feeling...just now sure where it will go...

    All the best...


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