Saturday, June 19, 2010

Broken Torch and Smashing a Wall

Oopsie doodle.

I was cranking along just fine, torching my little heart out, making beads, even starting to add dots, learning new things (yay me!) when


Glass flew everywhere and a big chunk flew directly at the torch and MELTED over the part where the flame comes out. Right. On. The. Front. Where the gas and the oxygen comes out. Which, if you've never lampworked before, is, um, kind of stinking crucial.

I managed to flick off the biggest glob, but of course, as luck would have it, bits of glass got into the tiniest of the holes and there was no getting it out. So the torch is on its way to Bethlehem Burners to be fixed.

I'm bummed because I just bought a ton of glass and was really getting into a groove and was trying to fill up my Etsy store with spacers and had decided to take a deep breath and get brave and start exploring.

Not sure when I'll get the torch back (2 weeks? More?) which is NOT a long time, but I hate when momentum gets stalled. It's like running like hell and then turning your head to look behind you to see where you've been and then WHAM hitting a wall. Looking back, it's funny, but when it happens, not so much.

I tried to make some jewelry today but it's just not happening. So I'm giving myself permission to relax with reruns of "The Office", a bag of M&Ms, open windows, and the cats. Rick and Zack are at the farm, so the house is chaos-free. The Bead Soup Blog Party started today, so I'm visiting a bunch of blogs, too.

There's a slight bit of guilt inside that whispers, "Hey, you should be working," but thanks to so many of your wonderful comments over the past weeks, I'm finding it easier to just... let it be.


Lori Anderson designs jewelry for Lori Anderson Designs and also writes the blog Pretty Things.


  1. Oh, bummer! Glad you didn't hurt yourself, that sounds dangerous! Anyway, have a nice, relaxing weekend...

  2. That truly sucks. However, it sounds like you have things well in hand, what with the relaxing and the M&M's. :) That is what I would totally do if my torch ate a glass rod.

    Hopefully you'll get it back sooner rather than later and you'll be back at it, making those awesome spacers! I have to tell you, I envy your spacers. Mine never seem to come out so consistently! Nice work!

  3. Lessons come when we least expect them don't they? Just found this quote recently from Tom Bodett..."The difference between school and life? In school, you're taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you're given a test that teaches you a lesson." Now you know! I always say that it is not a good day unless I have learned something. Have you learned something from this? And it is okay to slow down. I am there with ya sistah. But I really can't be. Yikes! Now that the bead soup is on I can focus on those things that have been sliding. Oh. Wait. There is another fire to put out. Oh well. Keep moving forward! Enjoy the day! Erin

  4. Oh what a thing to happen!!! Thank God~ness you are ok and all. Bummer Central! Im so sorry to hear this happened but well you will be in the groove again soon. What an unforgettable experience!!

  5. Really glad you didn't get hurt, things are easily fixed people often not so much lol.
    I know exactly what you mean about the momentum being broken its happening to me right now too grrr...!!!

  6. Wow, that graphic pretty much says it all! This is a very loud message that there is something else for you to do during this "no torch" time...wonder what that is....hmmmm.

  7. Good for you!! You are hearing life's message loud and clear. I know when it's totally out of my control that someone else is holding the reins. Sit back and enjoy the ride. You deserve it with all this hard work for the Bead Soup Party!! Loving it sooooo much! Thanks again.

  8. Stinks about your torch! But maybe life is saying take a breather. So good for you for enjoying an afternoon. I am loving the Bead Soup Party!

  9. That torch adventure sounds scary - glad you didn't get hurt! Good girl for taking the pressure off yourself - tomorrow is another day.

  10. That's a bummer ... and scary! Hey, in the meantime, use your little torch from enameling. It's what most people learn on and it will help to pacify the beast (you) until the real beast gets back.

  11. Yup. Been there. That's why I traded with a friend for her (gently) used minor burner so that I had a backup torch, and it's come in handy for the couple of times that I've needed to clean or repair my "real" torch. Hang in there - the momentum will return!


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