Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bead Soup For One -- Beading with Barbara Bechtel of Floridity

Please hop on over to Pretty Things and see what I made with Barbara Bechtel of Floridity's beads! I decided to challenge myself each month with my own personal Bead Soup Challenge (have you participated in one of my challenges?) and Floridity is the first Artisan of the Month.
Are you a bead maker -- ceramic, polymer clay, glass -- and would like to be a featured artisan? Email me and let's talk!

Lori Anderson designs jewelry for Lori Anderson Designs and also writes the blog Pretty Things. She lives on the eastern shore of Maryland.


  1. i totallllly heart that bracelet!!! the swirly bead cap is TDF and the toggle is so unusual, and the beads are fab! love it! the muted colors are beautiful. :)

  2. Love it! Such an awesome'll be hearing from me ;)

  3. Hey Lori, I love what you are doing by challenging yourself with your own bead soup party. That is an awesome idea! Love the bracelet. Mom and I have a surprise for you over at our blog. Have a great weekend!

  4. That bracelet is w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l!! What a great challenge for yourself. Lori, you just keep me inspired all the time.


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