Sunday, August 15, 2010

Update on BeadFest

Update -- I can't go.

I was so excited, but I got an email saying my instructor had taken a bad fall and was unable to teach.  At this late of a date, there wasn't a class left that I felt like taking, so after a long talk with my husband, I canceled my trip.

"But you could shop!" you say.

Yes, yes I could.

But I decided to save that money and now I'm going to go to Bead and Button next year!

So --- who is planning on going???  I'd still love to meet people there!


  1. I would say "too bad," but you found a silver lining very quickly! I hope to go to Bead and Button next year. I've never been. Have you been there before?

  2. Yes, Carol, twice. The last time, two years ago, I met up with a bunch of online friends, and it was a BLAST! That's what I'm hoping to do this time as well!

  3. bummer!! I will miss you at Bead Fest! but you will have a blast at B&B next year :)

  4. Lori, Sorry I won't meet you at the Bead Fest but I am looking forward to meeting you at the enameling class.

  5. Ahh but you will go! Thats a mighty fine bracelet!

  6. sorry about your class canceled..
    glad you have a backup plan for next year.

  7. This is my frugal year- no trips planned for awhile. I really like the bracelet- are those polymer clay beads? Who made them? They are wonderfully different. Thanks for the comments on my steam punk stuff. It was fun - I really like using resin- need to get some more caps and bezels to fill.

  8. After living on the East Coast for years, I finally live within an easy driving distance of Milwaukee, so hope to make the pilgrimage to Bead & Button next year. I probably should start saving now LOL

  9. All things happen for a reason. Have fun at B&B!

    That is one of the things on my to-do list but I have other things to accomplish first. Once I do them, then the trip will be as a reward.


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