Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My New Torch!

Today I anxiously awaited the Man in Brown to roll up in his truck and deliver a most important thing:

Photo via GTT

My new Bobcat torch!

This was supposed to be my Christmas present, but I've been having the devil of a time lately with my current lampwork torch.  Or the propane.  Or the oxygen concentrator.  No one seems to know for sure.  

I'll be going along fine for about an hour, making beads, humming along, when all of a sudden, pressure drops in everything and my flame dwindles.  I've posted this dilemma on Lampwork Etc and had several people give suggestions, and then a local lampworking friend came over to test things out -- and we're all still stumped.

photo by Cindy Wimmer
Soooooo.  The plan right now -- get my Christmas present early.  Next -- replace the propane tank, even though it's not empty.  My friend will come over then and run another test.  Heaven forbid the problem is with the oxygen concentrator, because that's my most expensive piece of equipment, and it weighs a ton so who knows what shipping it off for repair would cost.

photo via ?

Keep your fingers crossed for me.  I was having so much fun melting glass before this flame poofing out on me thing started and it's now just frustrating me to no end.  Of course, it's also been hot as Hades and probably not a good time to even THINK about using a flame, but still.  

(And isn't it cool that my torch is purple????)


  1. Sometimes that UPS man is the most important man in our day! I hope you can get back to what you love!

  2. Yep, very cool purple torch. New tools are the best! Hope this all solves the problem. Nothing more frustrating than having your tools poop out on you. BTW, we are hot here too. It's been a real chore to get myself out to melt metal, load kilns, empty them... But doesn't that AC feel good!

  3. The first thing I thought when I saw your post was "ooh, pretty! It's purple!" We're such girls. :) Beads look awesome! Hopefully the weather cools down soon. It's been hot here too, but then again, it's Phoenix. It's to be expected.

  4. ohhh it's fab! love the color too! let me know how you like it. i have the ol' standard, a Minor Burner but i love it. have often wondered what it would be like to get a different one though.

    not sure why you're having issues with your set up. totally weird! i hope you get that straightened out!

    merry christmas!

  5. I too hope its not the Oxygenator
    but fingers crossed its not. I have mine all neatly in a cozy place until I use it! Hope
    fully its not a major thing. Keep us posted Lori.

  6. That's the torch I have. I like the Star Trekkie look of it. :)
    It can go through a period of 'adjustment' when it's new but it's easy to adjust and it settles in after using it for awhile.

  7. Is it annodized aluminum? It's beautiful and I hope things are running more smoothly now.

  8. Yummy, a new torch! Hope you don't have any more problems.

  9. Everything is crossed for you and I'm fervently hoping this (extremely attractive) torch solves your pressure problem.

  10. That is a very high tech looking Dr Seuss kind of contraption. I think my husband would be afraid to come home if I owned it!! LOL PS Happy Birthday!!

  11. Boy you really moved into the big girl torch range quickly! Congratulations! I sure hope the new torch works and it's not the concentrator. Good luck!

  12. Whoa! Shmancy! Hope it works really well for you!

  13. I hope this is the fix! All I can say is "I wanna come play"! Looks like fun.


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