Thursday, August 26, 2010

Book Review -- Blogging for Bliss

I love to write.  I learned to read when I was three years old and when I started to write, I quickly filled notebooks with my little made-up stories.  I remember one in particular.  After consuming way too many Nancy Drew mysteries, I wrote my very own -- "The Mystery of the Missing Mummy".  The only thing it had going for it was the alliteration, but I was so proud of it, especially the crayoned pictures.

All that to say, when blogging came about, I was in heaven.

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So when I ran across Tara Frey's book "Blogging For Bliss", I was intrigued.  Why do other people write?  What motivates them?  What is their purpose?

This beautifully written book is also beautiful to look out -- throughout it shows various blogs that inspire by the sheer beauty of its pages.  "Blogging For Bliss" also covers what Frey calls "the tools of the trade" -- how to even start a blog and how to begin learning the ropes.  Will your blog be personal or strictly business? Just what the heck do all those online acronyms mean, anyway?

My favorite sections were about beautifying you blog and finding business via the blog.  I know that I regularly sell pieces of my jewelry off my blog, and I'm constantly working on photos and other "beauty marks".

The last section is so very important.  It covers the courtesy and manners for a good blogger and how to promote a wonderful atmosphere to your readers.  You can still show who you are and ask thought-provoking questions without causing a stampede of unsubscribing readers.

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I highly recommend this book to all bloggers, both new and seasoned bloggers alike.  It's an invaluable business tool as well as a source for inspiration.  Check it out today at, and visit Tara Frey's blog at

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  1. I have been thumbing through this book at B&N. I will have to buy a copy for myself. Thanks for the review.


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